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onsdag 15 juli 2015

Shocking message from Gayle Nix Jackson today.

Shocking message from Gayle Nix Jackson today.
Gary Mack, Curator of the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas, has passed away.
I've had correspondence with Gary for a few years, I always admired his deep knowledge of the JFK assassination. No matter what camp you happen to be in, Gary was no doubt one of the foremost researchers of the JFK assassination.
My heart goes out to Gary's family and friends, and personally I will always remember Gary for his outstanding dedication, distinct intelligence and deep knowledge in this area, which came to be a huge part of Gary's life.
R.I.P. Gary Mack.
I will miss you / Glenn Viklund


Gary Mack, curator of The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza and a nationally known authority on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy who once influenced a congressional inquiry on the subject, died Wednesday. He was 68.

He had been suffering a “rare and aggressive” form of cancer, according to his wife, Karin Strohbeck, with whom he lived in Arlington.

Mack joined the museum in 1994 after a long career in radio and television. He had long professed a belief, or at least a suspicion, that Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone in killing the president.

“As conspiracy theorists like to say, you’re either a lone-nutter or you’re a CT — conspiracy theorist,” Mack once told The Dallas Morning News.

Even so, those who believe Oswald acted alone were among Mack’s staunchest admirers, who respected his open-mindedness and the fact that he embarked, often aggressively, on detailed missions to debunk conspiracy theories as the best way of reaching the truth. That alone left him at odds with many in the conspiracy community.

“I doubt if anybody anywhere knew more details about all aspects of the JFK assassination and aftermath than Gary,” said Hugh Aynesworth, author of November 22, 1963: Witness to History, who at the time of the assassination was a young reporter for The Dallas Morning News. Aynesworth is among those who believe Oswald acted alone.

Mack “helped debunk some of the more ridiculous offerings,” Aynesworth said. “His work at The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza was beyond exemplary and will be sorely missed. Within hours of his death I had three phone calls from European newsmen who were stunned and planning coverage.”